Showzone at Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich community event


Showzone at Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich community event

Showzone, together with other startups from RUNWAY Startup Incubator and #BZI had a really interesting panel talk at the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich community event! Our own Simon Beyer and other start-up co-founders talked about our Startups, the challenges we face as founders and shared some hands-on tips for fellow entrepreneurs. A big thanks to Florian Herzog, Greta Preatoni, Jason Corkill and Henry Twerenbold for sharing their thoughts and experiences!

Büro Züri Innovationspark by Zürcher Kantonalbank offers home & support for up to 6 start-ups. What is really cool about this? The startups can use the space free of charge and work at Europe's prior pioneering hub for civil aviation- now a place for research, development and innovation. As part of the bigger picture, your startup benefits from the media presence generated by Büro Züri and Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich.

We hope those who attended found the session inspiring and informative. Although the event has passed, we encourage you to stay tuned for more opportunities to connect with the Showzone team and learn from our experiences in the startup world.

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