Presentation delivery reimagined

Showzone is born out of the desire to make presentations more impactful. We are building the first-ever presentation delivery app powered by AI, to make every show interactive and inspiring.

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Portrait of Eren Akbiyik

Eren Akbiyik

Co-Founder & CEOLinkedIn Logo

Seasoned software developer, ETH Zürich MSc in Data Science, with a deep passion for AI. Ex-IBM.

Portrait of Nicolas Zanotti

Nicolas Zanotti

Co-Founder & CPOLinkedIn Logo

Product and engineering expert, that helped make GetYourGuide a unicorn. Was a lecturer and has a knack for presenting.

Portrait of Simon Beyer

Simon Beyer

Co-Founder & COOLinkedIn Logo

Former business consultant at EY and Berlin startup catalyst. Now operating Showzone's business.

Our Story

Showzone found its beginnings in 2022 as a project at the top-ranked ETH university in Switzerland. The aim was to improve the learning experience between instructors and students. We conducted extensive research in the topic areas of teaching and communication using digital tools and AI. This endeavor resulted in the creation of a software prototype, that was tested with hundreds of users.

Our research in academia revealed a greater opportunity: presenting is a core medium for business, and while much effort goes into crafting content, a presentation often fails to make an impact due to its delivery.

In response to this, Showzone was officially founded in with the mission to revolutionize presentation delivery for business professionals. We strive to increase engagement between the presenter and their audience and to make presenting more effective.

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